TechTalk : The LIS move: The move we expected Nairaland’s Seun Osewa to make 8yrs ago

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The LIS Move ,the move we expected Nairaland’s Seun Osewa to make 8 years ago…………
Its interesting to see Linda make the LIS move, totally caught almost everyone by surprise. Now what’s really interesting is the fact that this move is one that i had expected Nairaland’s Seun Osewa to have made in 2007 / 2008 when Facebook Early Adopters started embracing it.
If i may remind you of some history, once upon a time from early 2005. Nairaland was all we truly had as social for us “Nigerian Onliners”. Nairaland filled that vacuum created for connecting Nigerians globally, amazingly it was just a freaking forum script powered by simple machine forum.
One would think that earlier well established foreign social networks such as Hi-5, MySpace would have kicked off Nairaland off balance during its emergence. But that was never too be. Nairaland was simply quintessential and holy grail to us Nigerians.
As one of the early adopters of Nairaland in late 2005. It was freaking addictive and practically paved way for my early remote and online alliances and e-buddies in the tech and web space.
Now a heated argument on the web section of Nairaland in late 2007 through 2008 was if Seun was going to develop his forum platform to a full blown social media platform like the defunct Legwork and enownow Nigerian flavored social platforms of blessed memory.
Its interesting to also note that Francis Oghuma attempted this feat with his Naijaborn and honestly it worked and thrived while it lasted. Back to Nairaland, So despite having over a million users as far back as 2008, Seun still never took the full blown social media idea with a pinch of salt. To be frank i think that is what till today makes Nairaland stand out. Its bloody simplicity as a forum the same way it was when we started using it in 2005>
Now Linda makes the Linda Ikeji Social move adopting the LaraSocial Laravel Open Source Social Network Clone. Not totally a bad idea if you consider her Blog visitor traffic and audience.
It’s still too early to tell the direction of this move. One thing is certain, she will need an amazing engineering team and heavy machine servers beyond the rumored 1GB Ubuntu server she is currently using for the social platform.
The biggest rival to LIS ironically is her Lind Ikeji Blog. I personally don’t need another social network account besides the major ones. And true story remains that as long as i can read her blog posts on the Linda Ikeji Blog, there is no need for double effort for signing up for LIS.
Take away remains that something are better kept simple. I think this is why i respect Seun Osewa, the Lord Commander of the Nairaland Order. I don’t think he is ready for he chaos and commotion of running a Social Network, which reminds me of his now defunct Nairalist. The Brilliant Craiglist styled classified list he briefly ran online using Python.
So back to the LIS move, certainly Linda has LIB as a cash cow to help her fund LIS for the main time. I hope her game plan works out but in the meantime, she will need one of the most dedicated engineering team she can lay her hands on for the day to day running of the monster she is attempting to create. Fingers Crossed ………..

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