Microsoft’s Edge internet browser is faster, safer to use and better for battery life than Google Chrome, Microsoft has claimed.

Chrome is far more popular than Edge, and Microsoft has long struggled to close the gap between the two browsers.

Worldwide, the figures are even more skewed in Google’s favour. Chrome had a 55.08 per cent share of the global market over the past 12 months, compared to less than three per cent for Edge, which was less popular than Safari, UC Browser, Firefox, Opera, and even Internet Explorer.

Microsoft, however, argues that Edge outperforms Chrome in several key areas.

It has released an ad that reveals the results of a battery test – conducted by Microsoft – in which 720p video was streamed on a loop on three identical laptops, using Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

 The computer using Edge lasted for 16 hours and eight minutes, while the one using Chrome lasted 13 hours and 31 minutes and the one using Firefox ran out of battery after nine hours and 52 minutes.

According to a recently updated GitHub page spotted by ZDNet, Microsoft used up-to-date versions of the browsers for the test, which was conducted on Surface Book laptops running the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (16299 release), with brightness set to 50 per cent and the volume muted.

The findings are unsurprising, coming from Microsoft, but they’re supported by the results of a separate study conducted by AVG, which also found that Edge was better for battery life than Chrome and Firefox.

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