With the several big revelations from the Cambridge Analytica clandestine moves and social influence during the Trump campaign and subsequent election, which according to the whistleblower Chris Wylie and other News media  extended to elections in Kenya and Nigeria ,it is easy to get lost in the barrage of information being churned out.

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photo: Suspended Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix

Let us help you make sense of it all in the short summary that follows :

  • CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA is a London based consulting firm.
  • CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA harvested details of 50m Facebook users.
  • CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA worked on Trump campaign.
  • CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA facing questions on misuse of data.
  • CEO filmed boasting about election sway.
  • CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA has denied any wrong doing.
  • CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA has worked on over 100 campaigns.
  • CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA allegedly used information to target voters.
  • Chris Wylie was CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA’s Director of Research.
  • Chris Wylie exposed CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA’s data misuse.
  • Chris Wylie claims data was sold to CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA.
  • Chris Wylie says data was used to profile people.
  • Chris Wylie says users were targeted with Trump materials.


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