Cybersecurity pioneer and founder of one of the eponymous security software whose recent influence in the space of Cryptocurrency trading has grown undeniably,Mr John McAfee recently stated that he charges as much as $105,000 per tweet for any cryptocurrency related tweet. That is an average of $375 per character tweet.

He recently said : “I’m the only person in the crypto field that has openly divulged the outrageous amounts of money charged by crypto promoters,” McAfee tells The Independent.

“It’s embarrassingly huge, but it’s true. I have been getting these fees for over six months. I decided to go public with it because I am an advisor to many of these companies and I know that I’m in the cross-hairs of the SEC [US Securities and Exchange Commission], so it is in my interests to prove transparency.”

Just one promotional post about a digital currency to McAfee’s twitter followers — 812,000 at the time of writing — caused the price to rise in value from between 50 and 350 percent.John McAfee’s tweets are by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrency. Over 50,000 of his followers answered a series of polls about their investments and use of cryptocurrencies. From the statistically valid percentages of the results, the following is clear:

  • 737,000 of his followers buy or sell cryptocurrencies at least once a month. 154,000 buy or sell cryptocurrencies daily
  • 380,000 have more than 25% of their total assets stored in cryptocurrencies. 259,000 have more than 50% of their total assets in cryptocurrencies.
  • 518,000 have more than $3,000 already invested in cryptocurrencies. 224,000 have over $20,000 invested in cryptocurrencies. This last group alone represents, at a minimum, $4.48 billion in crypto investments.

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