If an Android News App has over a million download and counting, it means basically two things:

  1. It is TRUSTED.
  2. It is CURRENT and constantly UPDATED.

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 The Eagleee News App is one the best News App in the Google Playstore with Breaking News, fun gifs and videos covering Sports, Politics, Lifestyle, quizzes, Entertainment and Viral content generally. The Eagleee App keeps you up to date on viral content in Nigeria, Kenya , Ghana and globally.

The Eagleee App, unlike most Copy and Paste content News Apps , has its pool of certified content developers/generators, Freelance journos and in-house News Source monitor journos constantly updating the App News and other content as it happens. Contents are also generated from directly from authoritative local bloggers and News agencies.

The Eagleee App has a personalised News feed feature which helps to customize your favourite content according to your choice. Download here.

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Personalized News Feed:
Every one of our readers is of great value to us. Everyday we elaborately pick trendy news for you. We also customize your favorites according to your choices. So please do let us hear your voice so we can make Eagleee News a smarter app.

Professional Generated Content:
Most of content are created and sourced directly from authoritative local bloggers and news agencies. Dive in and feel free to explore news, videos, stories and more.

Exciting Sports:
Latest football matches, NBA, WWE…we provide the latest sports news and match predictions. Make your vote!

Videos, Sports, GIF, Entertainment, and more:
We keep you updated with fun contents from a rich sources as well as youtube channels. Wanna get hold of trendy fun stuff? You’ve found the right place!

Offline reading:
No enough data left for the month? Wanna read news on your way home? We’ve got you covered! Offline reading allows you to read the most updated and viral content without data consumption. Try it now!

Rejoice book lovers, we’ve picked over 60 viral novels for you! Science fiction, romance, mystery fiction, thriller… take your pick! Get started reading now!

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